Huanghe River Heart Building

Huanghe River Heart Building

With a length of 3,395 miles , it’s the nation’s second longest river—surpassed solely by the Yangtze River —and its drainage basin is the third largest in China, with an area of some 290,000 square miles . The large, entirely aquatic Chinese large salamander, a species that has declined drastically due primarily to persecution for food and conventional medication, is native to the Yellow River and other Chinese rivers. It is farmed in large numbers in a number of components of China and genetic research have revealed that the captive stock largely is of Yellow River origin.

huang he river

in northern China, usually called “China’s sorrow”, floods, ruining crops and bringing a famine that kills more than three million. The river is extraordinarily prone to flooding and accounts for a number of the deadliest disasters in human history. The harsh, dry climate and shifting sands of the Ordos Plateau section of the river basin help little plants aside from drought-resistant grasses and shrubs. The adjective “yellow” merely describes the colour of the muddy water within the lower course of the river, which happens due to soil being carried downstream.

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The river and its colour has been essential to the development of Chinese culture. If you wish to go to any cities or any points of interest near the Yellow River, China Highlights can help you. Contact us and we are able to tailor-make a tourwith the Yellow River and another places you are interested in.

  • Drought within the Yellow River region has brought serious challenges to agricultural improvement and the cities close to the Yellow River.
  • The common elevation within the basin is 1,547 m with maximum elevations reaching 4,240 m.
  • The worst flood catastrophe in world historical past occurred in August, 1931 along the Huang He River in China and killed an estimated 3.7 million individuals.
  • A floodplain is a typically flat area of land subsequent to a river or stream.

A giant dam at Sanmenxia (on the Shanxi-Henan border) was accomplished in 1960 with the purpose of controlling floods and generating electrical energy. It also grew to become a political message of the new government – it was to tame nature for human benefit. However, as many Chinese engineers had warned, the dam quickly silted up.


However, the form and alignment of the mouth of the river has modified over centuries. Pollution, intensive water extraction for human consumption, hydropower, agriculture, and industrial use are all taking their toll on the river. Yellow River has been thought-about a blessing as well as a curse.

Emperor Xuanzong had turn out to be exasperated by the damaging pressure of the great river because it washed away many wooden pontoon bridges that had been constructed over the centuries. He determined to solve the problem with a extra formidable bridge made from iron. Chinese iron know-how was far forward of that of the west.

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